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Famous Disney characters like Goofy and Snow White answer the phone. Recordings from a 1974 museum exhibit for childen.

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Sound clips of a Jamaican peddling pay-by-the-minute psychic advicer, Miss Cleo. She will forever be remembered because in the years 2000 and 2001 a person could hardly turn on a TV without seeing a grinning Miss Cleo urging people to Call me now.

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Some familiar sounds for people in the UK who watch BBC news.

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A mix of many different media files.Also many humorous sounds and funny music.This is my collection of a lot of sound mixes.

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The latest top searched meme on the interwebs is a teenage girl who has a foul mouth and rants against her youtube and stickam haters. Jessi Slaughter (not her real name) dishes it out in this soundboard full of quotes from a scene girl wannabee out of control. The drama that follows is epic. ADULT LANGUAGE.

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Listen and learn from my selection of famous inspirational and motivational quotes from achievement to willpower.

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Charlie The Unicorn is the seventh most watched video in Youtube in the Comedy category. The video was created by Jason Steele of The video follows the story of Charlie, a lethargic unicorn who is reluctant to travel to Candy Mountain with his two friends. The video has now gained over 32 million views on YouTube alone.

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Are these song clips examples of "backward masking" where backward messages are deliberately recorded? Or reverse speech, said to be a natural vocal occurence coming from the subconcious mind? Or a clever way of persecuting musicians? You decide.

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Only the best sounds.

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The following clips are the common things cops say to a probable suspect.

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Fun jeffy sounds for you to play such as his iconic theme

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Meet Geoffrey Leonard, he is a convicted pedophile. His ramblings often sound utterly crazy and delusional. This guy is not only a convicted criminal, but also perhaps one of the most bizzarely detached sociopaths. Leonard lives in his own world, unaware of the damage he has done to his victims and society as a whole.

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These clips are from the brilliant Saturday Night Live skit starring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walkin. More Cowbell !

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The word gay is used to describe men who love men and women who love women in same-sex relationships. Gays are crazy fun loving people. We love the Gays. Check out gay themed soundbytes from some tv shows and movies.

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The Annoying Orange is a series of YouTube videos, created by Daneboe, uploaded to his self-titled account. The show's protagonist and main character is an unintelligent and extremely annoying young orange named Orange who enjoys telling jokes to his friends and hanging out with Daneboe.

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This is a sound board made with the finest hoofs in equestria.

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Everyone loves to Hear YES. Well most of the time, some uses here are sarcastic. Enjoy!

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The offical soundboard of Computer

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Yb Better + Ratio + Loud = funny bozos (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to upload in the comments)



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