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Enjoy these funny clips from this hilarious cartoon comedy that stars the voices of some of Hollywood's best as cudly Zoo Animals.

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Anyone who grew up in the 80's will list the Goonies as one of their favourite films. The story is about a group of young kids who call themselves the Goonies and find themselves thrown into a treasure hunt for One Eyed Willy's treasure.

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Simba of The Lion King, is a young and innocent newborn character which later on transform into a self- reliant individual. Take a heed on some of his memorable qoutes in the movie.

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Doc Holliday(Val Kilmer) is a dentist-turned-gambler with a mean streak, and he's as fast as anyone with a pistol. He was the most skillful gambler, and the nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun in the movie Tombstone.

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Meet Clubber Lang played by Mr. T, the ultimate contender of Rocky Balboa from the 1982 movie Rocky III. He was a dirty, aggressive and brutal boxer. Listen to some of his lines from the movie.

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Quotes From the movie

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Owen Wilson movie clips & interviews. Enjoy these funny lines from , Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch, You Me & Dupree, & Disney's cars.

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Schwarzeneggar is great as the poker-faced saviour cyborg . Arnold returns as the Terminator, but now with a different mission. This time, he takes the place of Michael Biehn's character in the first part and Robert Patrick takes the part of the evil one. James Cameron and his team have given us a classic that has something for everyone.

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Idiocracy is a film directed by Mike Judge. It stars Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph. It features an "Average Joe" and a prostitute subjected to a military experiment in hibernation, from which they are to awaken in one year. Adult Language.

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Is it a game, or is it real? WarGames is a 1983 suspense film. A young computer whizz kid who spends most of his free time playing arcade video games or messing around on his computer... Where the only winning move is NOT TO PLAY!

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Beverly Hills Cop is arguably Eddie Murphy's best film since he fits the Axel Foley character perfectly and the movie that officially launched his career as a genuine movie star. There are many funny scenes featuring Eddie Murphy that will have people laughing even the action scenes can be cleverly funny. Adult Language

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Despicable Me Minions Soundboard

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Sylvester Stallone's Rocky 3 goes the distance as a pop-culture time capsule, featuring Mr. T, Hulk Hogan and Survivor's smash hit Eye of the Tiger. The film's slickness becomes it's salvation, with an incredibly high punching rate, fast-moving escapism and the best Stallone-directed sequel apart from Rocky Balboa. Adult Language

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While monsters in the cabinet may seem to be a scary reality for some children, Monsters, Inc. makes it light hearted by showing them it's all in a night's work. The characters are as charming as the cast that speaks for them. One of the most endearing animation films created.

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Sixteen Candles is one of the best films John Hughes gave us in the 1984. It is one of the best romantic teen comedies in history. Geeks are supreme and sex is everywhere! This is a fun ride down 80's memory lane.

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The Lord of the Rings phenomenon strikes once again. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second film in Peter Jackson's epic adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy trilogy. Check out some of the clips here.

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Army of Darkness also known as Evil Dead III is a delirious combination of horror, comedy, fantasy, action, and adventure film released in 1993. Bruce Campbell returns as Ash, and shows off his heroic macho side, while he does plenty of the great physical comedy. The attack of the little Ashes is especially funny. Listen to these quotable lines.

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Seth Rogen and Bill Hader play the 2 incompetent police officers Slater & Micheals in Superbad. Adult Language.

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