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Todd & Jan Wolfhouse travel to Germany to spread their grandfather's ashes at Oktoberfest. They are about to find out about a centuries old, underground beer games competition, "Beerfest," the secret Olympics of beer drinking. Adult Language.

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Strategy was simply to duplicate the first movie but with even bigger robots and higher decibel levels. Check out for more Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen clips!

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They're Here To Save The World.Let's see what they have to say!Mature language

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Mars Attacks! is a great film and above all a very effective parody. Burton takes the opportunity to spoof and laugh with almost every form of nowadays filth...Politics, religion, the army, television, greed in Las Vegas etc. Mars Attacks! is the purest form of cinema anarchy.

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Various noises from the Ewoks of Stars Wars. No one has any idea what they are really saying, but they sure do sound funny.

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Apart from his large, discolored teeth, unkempt hair and glasses, this funny guy Austin Powers never disrespects the films that he makes fun of, which is probably the single most important thing about a spoof film that makes it good.

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For me The Departed is definitely one of the best films of all time. There's no boring moment in it's two and a half hour running time. Superb acting from the casts. A must-see for adult viewers who long for intelligent and gritty stories.

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Edna, a superhero costume designer, was inspired partly by Edith Head and Patricia Highsmith but was utlimately voiced brilliantly by a man - writer/director Brad Bird. She's the best character in one of the finest animated films of the decade, if no

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American Pie sound clips from the popular original American Pie movie. Featuring sound clips from Stifler, Jim, Finch, Michelle, and Oz in sound clips from some of the wildest scenes of American Pie.

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Private Hudson is portrayed as an over-confident, self-assured, and blithe character who constantly brags about his and his team's abilities. Listen to his funny clips of him played by actor Bill Paxton in the movie Aliens.

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Knocked Up is one of the most funny movies ever made, so much so that even secondary and tertiary characters produce classic quotes and audio clips ! Check them out. Adult language.

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Mean Girls was loved by teen age girls, with Lindsay Lohan who is completely clueless as far as what it takes to be cool in this new world, but she is pretty enough to catch the attention of the most popular girls in the school. Check this out!

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Death to he who sets a Leprechaun free. Steal his gold, it will corrupt your soul, you see. Flee while you can, the future's not good- for no one is safe from a Lep! Check out his clips here from the movie series Leprechaun voiced by Warwick Davis.

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Movie themes, songs and soundtracks from World War II films. Some include: Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Buldge, Where Eagles Dare.

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Clips from one of the most funniest movie I could never forget. Pee-wee Herman, a strange man who acts very much like a child, loves his bike more than anything else in the world.

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The Princess Bride is a 1987 film, combining comedy, adventure, romance and fantasy. Check out some classic audio clips from this satirical spoof.

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Some of the greatest movie speeches, voice overs and dialog. May include foul language, funny insults or harsh put downs. Sometimes inspiring but always entertaining.

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Audio clips from the classic Stanley Kubrick movie: A Clockwork Orange. This 1971 film stars Malcolm McDowell as Alex, a nasty punk who leads his gang into chaos and hedonism to the outer reaches of morality.

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