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The Chimpanzee lives primarily in West, and Central Africa. Chimps are very smart and can be taught circus tricks, acting and sign language and one of them washed a cat on TV recently. Enjoy the audio clips here.

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Sounds of the endangered Peregrine Falcon right here. The Peregrine Falcon also known as "Duck Hawk" in North America can also live even in the Arctic Tundra. With the largest wingspread and fast speed this is one killer bird of prey.

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Real recordings of animals with scary bone chilling growls and howls. The mere sight or sound of these various creatures have been used in stories and folktales as harbingers of death.

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Pheasant have a strong sexual dimorphism, with males being highly ornate with bright colours and adornments such as wattles and long tails. There are 35 types of Pheasant and almost all are prized by hunters. Check out their audio clips here.

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American bison is commonly known as buffalo, it has thick full mane, small curved horns and hooves. They walk while biting off mouthfuls of grass. Listen to what they are sound like. Here's what they sound like.

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Cows are domesticated animal raised as livestock for meat, dairy products, leather and as draught animals...Lets hear how they moo in the farm..

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Listen to the indescribable beauty, majesty, and timelessness of a rainforest. It is impossible to describe in words, or to explain to those who have never had the awe-inspiring experience of standing in the heart of a rainforest.

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A seagull is larger than a tern and has mostly white feathers. They fall under "creepy bird" category. Many gulls nest on beaches, sand dunes and salt flats. Once they hatch they stay close to the nest area. Here are some of their sound clips.

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Katydids have been called long-horned grasshoppers because of their long and slender shape. They are also called bush-crickets. They are somewhat notorious for a plantlike appearance. Listen to what they sound like.

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One of the biggest stress relievers in life is pooping. But one of the most stressful things can be wondering why your poop is different shape or color. Enjoy the medical, funny, and amusing sounds POOP lol!

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Jaguars (Panthera onca) are large cats native to South and Central America. They are closely related to the lions, tigers, and leopards.

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Blue Jays frequently mimic hawk calls. The common call is a harsh, jeering jaay or jaay-jaay, which often attracts other jays. Soft nasal notes are given when birds are in close proximity, especially during mate feeding and nest building.

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Ferrets are energetic, curious, and always interested in their surroundings. They actively elicit play with their owners. Nipping is the act of biting in a playful manner.Here are some of what they sound like coz I'm also curious like ferrets.

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The horse is prominent in religion, mythology, and art; it has played an important role in transportation, agriculture, and war; it has additionally served as a source of food, fuel, and clothing.

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Lovebird pet owners can Play these sounds and your lovebird will surely sing back. Several different lovebird species are represented here and even some trained lovies that speak!

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Hear some of the owl sounds or call from their various types...

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Listen to these cute little button eyes and that nose and that little pink tounge, just how much cuter can a puppy get. Because everyone loves puppies.

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Flying squirrels have many vocalizations, some audible to humans, some not. They use high-pitched sounds for navigation, similar to the echolocation system of bats. Loud things come in small packages!

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