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Baboons are some of the world's largest monkeys. They prefer dry habitats, climb trees to sleep and eat. How about listening to their different vocalizations to communicate with other groups.

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Gibbons are known to be the noisiest apes, they've got very dense, silky, shaggy fur varying from black or dark brown to pale fawn or silver grey. Well, here are different wacky noises of Gibbons.

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Good morning! It's audio clips of that crazy rooster calling cock-a-doodle-doo to wake you up.

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Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of the dolphins and one of the world's most powerful predators. Often referred to as wolves of the sea. Orcas hunt everything from fish to walruses, seals, sea lions, penguins, squid, sea turtles, sharks and even other kinds of whales. Average-sized orcas may eat about 500 pounds of food a day.

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Baby sound effects like baby crying and baby hiccuping

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Many of the larks have excellent vocal abilities. They're known for their songs, cascading down from high in the sky, and heard from dawn to dusk. Listen to their melodious songs here.

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The skylark is a small brown bird renowned for its display flight and song. Listen to some theri recorded vocalizations here.

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The crane family includes as members the crowned cranes, the whooping crane and the common crane which has recently become re-established in Britain. There are 15 species of cranes worldwide, and some of them are among the most endangered birds. Check out these clips from some of them.

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Orangutans are tree-living apes they only come out to mate. They build their sleeping nests in the trees out of leaves and branches. How about listening to the different sound clips of these loner apes.

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More than other lemurs, mongoose lemurs might be active at different times of the day depending on the time of year. Mongoose lemurs appear to be cathemeral active at varying times, both day and night throughout wet and the dry season. However, during the warm, wet months there is considerably more diurnal and/or crepuscular activity.

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A Parakeet is any one of a large number of unrelated small to medium sized species of parrot, that generally have long tail feathers. Listen to the songs and calls of 21 different species of parakeets here.

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The Loons (N.Am.) or Divers (UK/Ireland) are a group of aquatic birds found in many parts of North America and northern Europe. A loon is the size of a large duck or small goose.

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Stephen Hawking has worked on the basic laws which govern the universe. Does he imply that the way the universe began was completely determined by the laws of science? Stephen continues to combine family life and his research into theoretical physics

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Seals may be popular at zoos and aquariums performing tricks, but many arctic seals are in trouble. Canada had a commercial hunt quota of 335,000 in 2006 and exceded that. Listen to the expressive almost human quality of seal voices here.

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A waterfall is usually a geological formation resulting from water. Waterfalls may also be artificial, created as garden and landscape ornaments. It's one of God's amazing creation. Let's listen to their relaxing sound.

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Sounds of African wild dogs and Dingo. The dingo is commonly described as an Australian Dingo, although it's also found in Asia. All of these Wild dogs typically hunt in packs. They are not related to Hyenas.

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