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The hummingbird is a small bird with a long, thin beak. The "chatter" that many hummers use is really much more complex and rich than first meets the ear!

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Listen this little creatures.They have a fur with an extremely soft feel and is popular in the fur trade.

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Pelicans are extremely large, heavy-bodied waterbirds with long bill and a pouch. These birds are generally silent when away from the nesting colony. In these audio clips they do some squawks coughs and croaks.

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Cockatoos are LOUD. They love screaming and will scream for the sheer joy of screaming, usually in periods once or twice a day. Listen to the clips of these intelligent and very inquisitive birds!

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Swans are aquatic birds that groups with geese and ducks. Lend an ear on what various kinds of Swan sounds like.

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Woodpeckers are known for chiseling and pecking wood loudly. They have extremely long tongues, and stiff tail feathers helping them perch upright in trees. This is what woodpeckers sound like...

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Wasps and bees are beneficial insects. They sting to defend themselves or their colony. The sounds of bees and wasps are always composed of a uniform frequency. Buzzzzz...

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Chickadees are fascinating birds. There are several large classes of sounds made by chickadees, but one of the most characteristic is the chick-a-dee-dee-dee from which they got their name.

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Blackbirds are noisy birds, especially during roosting time when they emit a loud dik-dik-dik. They have a loud and pleasing warbling flute-like song, and a noisy chatter when disturbed.

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In some areas like Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, these black and white Orcas remain an edangered species

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The Zebra is a part of the horse family, Equidae, native to central and southern Africa. They are recognized by their distinctive black and white stripes. Hear audio clips of these rare animals right here.

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In poems and music the source of love is said to come from the heart. Medical science has shown us that the human heart beat keeps us alive and going. Listen to the various beats and murmurs of our body's most vital organ in these audio clips.

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There is much dispute as to whether Kingfishers have a song. Whether or not they do, the commonest call is a shrill whistle chi-keeeee. The rattling, machine-gun calls are more often heard than they are seen.

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Booooo!! lot's of scary things are said about bats. Do you have the stomach to listen to them? Here are various species of bats from around the world recorded in nature.

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A pig has a snout for a nose, small eyes, and a small, curly tail. It has a thick body and short legs. There are four toes on each foot, with the longer, middle toes used for walking.

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Electronic Voice Phenomenon Recordings. Are these real ghosts recorded by paranormal ghost hunters? You decide.

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Macaws are very large often colourful New World parrots. The bare facial patch surrounding the eye and extending to the beak is unique to macaws. They face endangerment as many come from rain forests. Audio clips are here.

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Hear the different sounds of various bird species like Owls, Mockingbirds, Eagles found in Florida. They are birds that are considered to have arrived in Florida without human assistance.

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