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Stadium Sports Music is located in Vancouver, Canada and has been producing high quality organ music suitable for baseball and hockey games for over ten years. Exceptional sounding productions have established Stadium as a popular source for music.

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Few can match the intensity and sheer excitement of Minnesota Vikings play by play raido announcer Paul Allen. Check out some of my favorite clips of him from the games. The best guy to listen to especially when Joe Buck is on TV sucking it up.

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What's your favorite sound in connection with the game of golf? Listen here and ponder the many sounds of golf... the clicking sound of the irons when walking down the faiway, the golf swings and more!

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BHS Baseball

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Hockey tunes 2016

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Walk Up Songs

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I made this for a Dodgeball Tournament that I am announcing, hope it helps you

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MUSCLE CARS!!! These are cars from the 70's with big engines. For all muscle car fans on streetfire! Enjoy these clips... ready or not here we goooo!!!

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Iron Sheik sound clips that are too funny, some of these sound bites I custom made. /My YouTube account is SubZero01001

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Listen to the sounds of the number one fastest growing sport in America...possibly the world...NASCAR Rocks!

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The sound of an F1 engine is unique. It all sounds more than a little ridiculous to our ears. But the sound of a screaming Formula One engine have a strange and very twisted appeal. Check this out F1 Fanatics!

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Here are some of my favorite sports audio moments - enjoy! Check back, I will add to it regularly. Peace.Todd

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Wiffle Ball League from Brimfield, Ohio

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Harry Caray was a famous baseball announcer he was working as a radio and TV broadcaster for four Major League Baseball teams like:St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics and the Chicago White Sox.

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Pump up your youth hockey team for that win!

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Edgewood Cougar Music

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