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Are you familiar with the Inspiring Songs played during the opening of the Olympic Ceremony? Often the Olympics have specific theme songs that are sung by a singer of the host country for that big event. Lets hear some of them!

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Always one for controversy and ridiculousness, Moss is an annoyance to some but vastly entertaining to others, such as myself, who know Moss is mocking the establishment. We miss u Freak! This just in the Superfreak is now back home in Minnesota with the vikings and Brett Favre to play catch with.

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For announcing baseball games.

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Used when I announce my sons' hockey games. Cool songs for goals, penalties, powerplays etc.

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Sounds from The NFL Football.

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The most feared man in heavyweight boxing during his prime, Mike Tyson went on a rampage and the world watched. Iron Mike had a way with women, a taste for ear, and a tendency to knock you the F%!K out. Adult Language.

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Game Music and Sounds

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Sounds of Baseball featuring classic Hary Caray calls and the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Play Ball!

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Macho Man Randy Savage, is a professional wrestler who achieved prominence in the World Wrestling Federation and later World Championship Wrestling. For much of his tenure in the WWF, he was managed by his real life wife, Miss Elizabeth. In his retirement, Savage stared in Spider-Man as Bonesaw McGraw.

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When a team scores a goal, the announcers shout goooooooooooooooooool ... shout off the area... GIVE THEM YOUR BEST SHOUT!

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An odyssey into the heart and mind of Englands greatest ever manager. Rest In Peace, Graham.

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Game Sounds and Songs.

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baseball sounds

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Hockey music sounds to play in hockey game

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for youth hockey, high school

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