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Madden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. He lead them to victory in Super Bowl XI & went on to become one of America's best-known football announcers. He has lent his name to one of the most popular video games in the U.S., Madden Football.

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Listen to your favorite College Fight Songs at

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Still football is known by Americans primarily as an American game. To the rest of the world, football is what Americans call soccer. From the NFC East teams here's an excellent addition to the literature on sport.

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Total Hockey soundboard..everything you need for Hockey games: Intro music, organ music, dance music, even national's all here! Updated\added to weekly! PAYPAL ADDRESS: [email protected] (please put "hockey soundboard" in subject\item line) Thank you!

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The Packers have won the most championships, 12 in total, of any NFL team. In the Super Bowl era of football, the Packers have finished a regular season as the NFL's top-rated defense only twice. Both times, they went on to become world champions, winning Super Bowl II in 1967 and Super Bowl XXXI in 1996.

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For use at Watonga HS sporting events

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Played at Stringer baseball

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Chris Berman A.K.A "Boomer" is a sportscaster, who anchors SportsCenter, Monday Night Countdown, The Blitz, Baseball Tonight, and other programming on ESPN. He is well known for his numerous catch-phrases! Enjoy!

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ESPN Basketball.

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The Legendary WWE Hall of Famer the Iron Sheik shoots on everyone... the definition for the word insanity isn't enough to describe what you will hear in his clips. He's one of the popular and notorious figure in wrestling circuits. Adult Language

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Sound effects for Junior Hockey

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Murray Walker soundboard

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This soundboard is for one of my heroes - the greatest and most influential athlete of the 20th century - Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay).

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Oklahoma State Football coach Mike Gundy explodes at the media in this huge collection of audio clips. In this rant we find out what makes him want to puke and he also takes a moment to remind everyone he's 40 and a man. One liners for calls too !

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Ferdinand Porsche was commissioned to build a small, inexpensive car at the request of Adolph Hitler. His masterpiece, a beetle-shaped sedan that was called a Volkswagen. During the '50s the car became known as the VW Beetle.

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Man NCAA and basketball sportscaster Gus Johnson is one of the best. Check out his soundbytes and catchphrases right here!

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soundboard for hockey game

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