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Bugs Bunny is one of the most recognized cartoon characters. He is the leader of the Looney Tunes and the mascot of Warner Bros. He can bend and twist the laws of physics at his whim. Also, he is one of the smartest cartoon characters in the universe, constantly outwitting his adversary. He is constantly muching carrots.

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Eugene Krabs (Clancy Brown) is a cheap and selfish red crab. He is the owner of the Krusty Krab, as well as the employer of both SpongeBob and Squidward. He loves money, sometimes more than anything else. He will do almost anything to obtain money or not lose it, usually with no regard to the safety or well-being of others.

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Listen to Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes, a poor little dupe with a baby-like pronunciation and tremulous voice that seems always on the verge of tears. Elmer is the hunter who can't really stomach the kill.

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With 5 TV Shows, 8 Movies, games and more Star Trek is loved by fans worldwide of every generation. Here is a sampling of tv quotes and themes from the classic to more recent shows.

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This soundboard is full of 60 one liners from mob boss Tony Soprano !

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Invader Zim was a short-lived but immensely popular animated cartoon created by Jhonen Vasquez and released by the Nickelodeon channel. It is a laugh-out-loud animated series about a puny alien who sets out on a secret mission to conquer Earth, but the only thing holding him back from his goal is a ten-year-old boy.

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Pain voice clips from the show and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm video games.

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Mort Goldman is a Jewish character on the FOX animated television series Family Guy. He is voiced by John G. Brennan. He is Neil Goldman's father and the husband of Muriel Goldman. He owns the local pharmacy.

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Ren and Stimpy are the eponymous characters of two American animated television series. Ren is a neurotic "asthma-hound" chihuahua, and Stimpy is a fat, red, simpleton but occasionally intelligent cat, Listen to some of their wacky lines..

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What's not to love about the wry wit and delivery of Jerome "Jerry" Seinfeld. Besides, he's a joke maker.

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Ramsay's reputation is built upon his goal of culinary perfection. His ferocious temper has contributed to his media appeal in both the United Kingdom and the United States, where his programmes are currently produced. Despite his fevered actions, Ramsay has a loyal staff and claims an 85% retention rate since 1993. Adult Language

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Welcome to the Swedish Chef Soundboard, the Muppets' resident crazy cook. The famed gourmet shares his culinary secrets and silliness in piping hot entertainment for every appetite.

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Johnny Bravo is the star of the Cartoon Network show of the same name. He is a big guy who is rather attractive but has a serious problem: He can't help being a jerk. No matter how hard he tries, he manages to offend every woman he comes across. So why is Johnny Bravo so great? The pick-up lines, of course!

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Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character in Looney Tunes. Listen to the funny sound clips of this Little Black Duck.

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Funny stuff from the boondocks. Sorry for the way it may sound, but it makes it sound that much more funnier!

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High energy music that creates a sense of movement and excitement as you listen to these game show theme songs.

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Barney is an adorable purple dinosaur who loves playing with a group of kids. Children love to sing along with Barney.

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Sometimes irreverent, always dramatic, William Shatner played the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the classic Star Trek TV show. Bill got his start in improv comedy.

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