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Bruno is a gay Austrian portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, and is the third character of Da Ali G Show. He claims to be the voice of Austrian youth television, and makes others uncomfortable by flaunting his apparent homosexuality. Adult Language.

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The vulgar yet loveable rascal Cartman delights you with his many songs.

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Now you can revisit those fun memories by listening t old theme songs of your favorite cartoon show.

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My favorite Winnie the Pooh! Who doesn't know him? The very cute bear with a big tummy who loves honey. Relish these sound clips which I put in for those who are Winnie the Pooh fanatics like me.

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Sound clips from everyones favorite doctor, Steve Brule. taken from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Great Job!

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Boomhauer is the neighbor of the characters Hank Hill, Bill Dauterive, and Dale Gribble. He is almost always referred to by his surname. Boomhauer's speech patterns are nearly incomprehensible to the untrained audience and serve as a recurring theme. He mumbles and invariably uses the words dang ol, I tell ya what and Man!

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The Best Captain at his Bestest.

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Theme songs of the 60's Tv, back in a time were television still had the innocence about it. Here are some theme songs that would bring back plenty of happy memories for you.

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Archer aka The Duchess works for the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a spy agency where espionage and global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other.

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Cookie Monster is a blue, furry creature in Sesame Street that loves cookies so much. Thus the name Cookie Monster. Whenever you see cookies, smell cookies or even hear of the word cookies, Cookie Monster shall be there.

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Another feature that makes Mad Money Show stand out are the on-screen graphics and radio-like sound effects that Cramer activates during the show. The effects are activated with a panel of oversized red buttons, with the exception of sounds made after Cramer tosses his book to the floor after a caller mentions it. Listen here...

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TV super heroes played by real actors, not that weak cartoon crap. Enjoy the theme songs again!

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Introduce your kids to the cartoons you grew up watching. Here are more of sound effects and voices from Hanna Barbera's cartoons of the 1970s.

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Mickey Mouse being an asshole from the show South Park

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Sounds from the Little Britain comedy by Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Adult language.

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This show was freaking awesome, it was funny, had great characters, wonderful dialouge and was way too good for TV. Bender, Fry, Leela, Hermes, Zoidberg, all of these characters are well thought out and work incredibly well together.

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Leopold Butters Stotch is one of the 4 main charcacters in the South Park gang. Butters has a submissive and friendly personality. Since he's so naive for his age, he is often a target for abuse! Adult language.

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Beetlejuice is a 4-foot 3-inch man who stormed on to the entertainment circuit by leaps and bounds after he first appeared on a nationally syndicated Howard Stern show. Beet has been the all around favorite on the show for years!

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