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3% Body Fat. 1% Brain Activity. He is Derek Zoolander, Male model. Ridiculously good looking sound clips from the movie Zoolander starring Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell.

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The internet sensation Tourettes Guy can't stop swearing, in the drive thru, on the phone and over life's little bumps in the road. Many short phrases & nasty adult language.

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He was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name...SCARFACE. Audio clips from the Movie Scarface starring Al Pacino, with some adult language.

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Boyakasha! Ali G in da house. Actually, from da basement of his Nannas house cos he lives there. On his TV show he chats up world leaders like Kobe Bryant and Donald Trump. Respect. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen plays Borat and Ali G.

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Change into your sneakers and zippered cardigan sweater! Your now armed with the vocal stylings of Mister Rogers, the friendliest guy in the Neighborhood.

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Groovy quotes and sounds from the madcap spy spoofs starring Mike Myers as the loveable International Man of Mystery: Austin Powers.

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Ask Fight Club's Tyler Durden for advice on your personal or professional life. Just ask and then select an answer at random to get your response.

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welcome here

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Some of the very best Bushisms from the verbally challenged Prez of the US.

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Welcome tae th' soond board ay Phineas Flogg, an immortal Scottish warriur. Haur ye will fin' th' soonds, stooshie an' other sweit graphite loons 'at fills mah lugs as Ah joorney athwart th' highlands an' lowlands ay th' internit. An' if ye dinnae l

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A collection of hilarious prank phone calls using celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Al Pacino and more.

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Some of the best celebrity prank calls ever recorded as the Governator berates waitresses, receptionists and other innocent civilians.

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Growing collection of automotive soundbytes.

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A growing collection of fart music and fart tracks - including the classic 'Curry in the Air Tonight' cover remix by Mr. Methane. Also check out the Baked Bean commercial.

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Soundbytes and clips from our e-cards plus some of our other favorite birthday related audio. Get free reminders & ecards at

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Who here among us has watched Southpark repeatedly and not woken up in a cold sweat shouting Timmay!!!

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James Bond agent 007. Relive the famous James Bond one-liners, sly innuendoes and double entendres with these top secret movie sound clips.

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Kramer is the wacky neighbor on Seinfeld who also happens to run the esteemed corporation Kramerica in his spare time.

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A collection of hilarious and classic song parodies from Justin Timberlake to Ice, Ice Baby.

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Hilarious Dave Chappelle sound bites including Samuel Jackson, Rick James, Tyrone, Black Gallagher, some classic Half-Baked quotes and more. We miss you Dave.

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A collection of some of the finest words uttered by Samuel L. This board is an homage to one of the all time greats. Adult Language

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Voice over? Sure, I can do that.

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Just my place to share my favorite music.

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Calling all Lightworkers. Hear highlights of the latest Otherware radio show w/ leading Melbourne Trance channel Amanda Guggenheimer, as she channels Lord Metatron and St Germain, who deliver an extraordinary message and meditation exercise for all.

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Some soundbytes from my favorite sports talk radio station KFAN in Minneapolis, MN. Available streaming online - check it out.

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This sound Board contains Indian Bengali Songs. All the songs are related to one of our greatest Hero Uttam Kumar. Enjoy it....

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The A Capella Choir traditionally presents 20 popular songs per concert: ten full choir pieces chosen for their harmonic and instrumental interest, and ten solos of the students' choosing. Dondero is located in Royal Oak,

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Grayson, an energetic five piece pop/rock/Americana original band hailing from Minneapolis, MN, is arguably the Mid-West's fastest growing headlining band. This is a sampling of tracks from the album, Rutless Groove.

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From George Dubya to John Kerry and Bill Clinton, here is a collection of head-bopping presidential remixes. Find more mixes at

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