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David Tennant is a familiar face to any Doctor Who or Harry Potter fans, having played the 10th Doctor in the TV series of the former, and Barty Crouch in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The ladies may also remember him from when he played lead role in the BBC drama Casanova.

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Boris Karloff (born William Henry Pratt) was best known for his roles in horror films as Frankenstein and the Mummy. On some movie posters he was billed as "Karloff the Uncanny". He also hosted a horror tv show long after his silent film days.

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Movie star John Wayne became and embodiment of American values and patriotic pride. Listen to him in such classics as: "America and why I love her"

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Audio clips with Alec Baldwin, movie actor & frequent guest on SNL. From the way funny comedy skits to the real phone message to his 12 year pig daughter. You get all the good and all the loco. Baldwin Style!(adult language)

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Perhaps the most definitive descriptor for Kiefer Sutherland's career is not any particular niche he's carved for himself, but rather his versatility. The actor became the 2,377th recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last December 2008.

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Akon Audio clips & Interviews.

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Here are some short clips that are Madea originals.... And I'll keep looking for more.

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Soundboard featuring celebrities uttering their favorite swear word. Adult language!

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Keanu Reeves known for playing Neo in action trilogy Matrix, has the ability to appear in films that appeal to both men and women. He will be remembered as one of the most popular movie stars to ever come out of Tinseltown. COOL DUDE!

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As the lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison's poetic vision and voracious appetite for sexual, spiritual, and psychedelic experience inflamed the spirit and psyche of a generation. Excerpts from interviews and his spoken word poems are here.

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Wouldn't it be great if all of Charlie Sheen's wild ranting were all in one place? Surprise! Here they are.

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Audio clips of Belgian-born film star Jean-Claude Van Damme, he's a bodybuilder, kickboxer and an actor if you can believe it!

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Gordon en Joling over de vloer

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An actor well known for roles in blockbuster movies like Titanic and The Aviator. DiCaprio became a superstar when he played Jack Dawson in Titanic(1997) which is the highest grossing movie ever. Check out some of his lines from various movies.

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Despite wading through a significant amount of dreck at the beginning of his career, actor Tommy Lee Jones emerged to become one of the most admired and respected film stars of his generation. Here's some of his lines from various movies.

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