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Bruce Lee, The greatest icon of martial arts cinema, and a key figure of modern popular culture. Listen to his quotes that penetrated and influenced the audiences of his time... Wwwoooaah!!!

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Some hilarious answering machine messages from Clint Eastwood to our favorite George Costanza.

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A consummate character actor, Joe Pesci rose to success on the strength of a series of Martin Scorsese films which took full advantage of his gift for outlandishly menacing supporting performances. He often plays a criminal and frequently works with longtime friend Robert De Niro. Adult Langauge

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Dwayne Johnson is an actor and former professional wrestler,best known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment as The Rock between 1996 and 2004. Originally known as Rocky Maivia. He holds the record for most reigns as WWF/E Champion.

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Here is a collection of Elvis sound bytes. Also some song clips from his most bizarre ramblings and stories. Rare insight into the other side of Elvis Presley. Some mature language.

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This Detroit rapper came from nothing to become the most famous "white rapper" and rap producer alive. He also hit it big with the movie 8 mile. Enjoy these clips of the "Real Slim Shady".

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Clips from Sean Connery a found fame and fortune as the suave, sophisticated British agent, James Bond. After six Bond films, Connery yearned to break from the Bond image, and eventually earned an Oscar as veteran Chicago cop, Jimmy Malone, in T

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It seemed in the early 1990s that every film released in the US had Joe Pesci in it. This diminutive, intense Italian-American character player took a long time to make it to the top. His notable credits include a controversial character turn in Oliver Stone's JFK and portrayal of a mobster in GoodFellas. Adult Language

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Vin Diesel, a dangerous criminal, race freak, extreme sports fan, or baby sitter? Well, why not all of them! He's the MAN!!!

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His career spans more than four decades and is almost unparalleled in quality and scale. Here is an audio retrospective of some of his work -from The Shining to Anger Management.

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Kanye West makes his soundboard debut with quotes from the Taylor Swift incident. his thought about belonging in the bible, how people need his music, his feelings about George Bush, and even some aggressive quotes.

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UPDATED WITH MORE KHALEDNESS This Board is Made by Joel This soundboard is dedicated to my inspiration and idol... DJ Khaled Please try it and enjoy the soundboard #wethebestforever

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Eddie Murphy is by far one of the more talented comedians to ever get up on stage and movie industry. Many loved his confidence and humor, no matter how profane it was. Check this out!!! Adult Language

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This awesome comedian started his career by doing Stand -up Comedy at different clubs. In the 1960's he got a role on the Action show I spy. In the 80's Bill produced & starred in his own sitcom "The Cosby Show", which was a hit!

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Some of the most popular sound drops from the Tony Bruno & Harry Mayes show on 97.5 The Fanatic Philadelphia.

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James Earl Jones is one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors. Although best-known to many people as the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars or as the booming Voice of CNN, Jones has led a decades-old career encompassing film, television, and the stage.

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