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Huell Howser is great personality, now you can see why.

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Clips from Wendy Williams, the queen of all media!

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Mostly known for being half of "Brangelina". Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood's best. He has star'ed in numerous box office smashes. His fame and wealth keep on growing. But his down to earth character and bad boy looks set him apart from the rest.

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High Pitch Eric from the Howard Stern Show

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Memes of the Hipster Runoff blogger, Carles.

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Steven Seagal's fighting style was rather different from that of other on-screen martial arts dynamos. He is a striking and somewhat boyishly handsome looking and usually impeccably dressed action star who burst onto the martial arts film scene in 1988. Mature Language

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Bruce Campbell is best known for his starring role as Ash in the Evil Dead. His acting style is an over the top machismo that lends itself well to roles such as that of Ash Williams. Bruce also did numerous cameo appearances in films, often to serve as a comic relief. Here are his numerous movie clips. Adult Language...

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Since there's no real Justin Bieber soundboard already on here, I thought I would make one. Let the pranks begin!! I will still be posting new sounds to this board. I have tons more work to do on it. I will be testing it for a prank call, and may post it depending on how good it goes.

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Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his chiselled jaw, broad shoulders, resonating voice and of course for the roles he played. Heston died at his Beverly Hills home last April 5 with his wife Lydia by his side

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Ice Cube went from being an innovative and controversial rapper to being a movie star famous for the successful movies Friday (1995) and Barbershop. His performances proved he also had the makings of a movie star, and now he's been involved in over two dozen films as an actor, writer, producer and director.

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Jessica Alba is known to be one of the sexiest icons on the planet next to Angelina Jolie among others. Enjoy these sound clips of America's sexiest sweetheart.

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Jason Statham is a British actor who is known for his thrilling action roles in movies such as Death Race, The Transporter, Crank and The Bank Job. He is also very skilled in martial arts and interestingly he insists on doing all of the fight scenes in his movies himself. Check out his clips!

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This is a sequel to Mel Gibson's rant to Oksana Grigorieva. He sounds rambling and so enraged like he's gasping for breath... Is it an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history ? Adult Language.

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bunkleys best hits in soundboard form (Started on 1/01/16, Last up date 1/03/16) Currently includes the best bits from: Superoni Kalista, MGSV: Gun Eater, Bass Effect 3, just Guy 3: Cable Guy

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Jolke de kroegbaas fragmenten

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Wise words that can give good advice and truth about facts of life from cool actors of Hollywood.

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