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Artie Lange can be heard daily on the nationally syndicated The Howard Stern Radio Show. He's one of the favorite members of the show during his now six-year stint as Jackie Martling's replacement. Listen now to his voice. Adult Language!

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If you just wanna make some basic arnie prank calls. These are the best quotes I can offer

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Favorites from the Ultimate Matt Berry soundboard.

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Former actor and now anti-gay activist George Takei's hilarious response to bully Clint McCance, former Arkansas school board member who called for gay teens to kill themselves. I think this was the most epic use of the word "douchebag" I've heard in a long time... For added fun, sprinkled in are some comments by Takei about William Shatner.

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Mc Hammer is the greatest rapper in the history of the US. He influenced the music industry as well as pop culture catch phrases and slang. He became a preacher during the late 1990s and as of 2008 works as a co-initiator of a dance website, television show host and CEO, still performing occasionally at concerts and other functions.

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Ryan Seacrest audio clips mostly from the movie Knocked Up. He goes on a hilarious celebrity rant about Jessica Simpson. Also lots of shorter clips good for calls. Adult Language.

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Don Knotts is a comedic genius. His physical comedy is unparallelled. Knotts' geekiness was comfortably comical, even lovable, and always fitting. In the handful of movies he made between 1964 and 1971, Knotts similarly was chained to cinematic conventions geared to the needs of kids. Thank you for a whole lot of laughs Don Knotts!

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Handsome, graceful, and athletic, Patrick Swayze hit the peak of his career during the late '80s as the star of such blockbusters as Dirty Dancing and Ghost. Listen to his clips from his great films.

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Bob is best known for his legendary hosting duties on daytime television staple The Price Is Right.He had been the host of this longest running game show for 35 years. He is also known for his animal rights work which includes reminding his viewers to help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutured at the end of his show.

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I am boxxy you see

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Short audio clips of Ryan Seacrest here perfect for calls. The host of American Idol asserts himself, gets catty, sings, does gay jokes and more in these sounds. Adult Language.

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Here you can listen to wiz khalifa laugh and say stupid stuff

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Have a blast speed freaks!!

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fe4rless sound board

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Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007) was known for her wacky on and off the screen behavior. This former Playboy Playmate had gained popularity from her hilarious reality tv show and constant tabloid scandals. RIP Anna.

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A notable American actor, Bill Paxton, is best-known for playing distinctive and memorable characters. But to me he'll always be that wise-ass crybaby commando guy in Alien movies. Adult Language

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"J Lo" does it all she is an actress, Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter, dancer, and fashion designer. She has been through two divorces and a relationship known as "Bennifer" with Ben Affleck. Enjoy the sounds of this talented "Diva".

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You've heard "Leave Britney Alone". Now hear all the other hilarious parodies of the Chris Crocker meltdown. Plus hear the original unedited version of "Leave Britney Alone". Enjoy! Adult Language.

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