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Soundboard of Chuck Noris, an action movie star best known for his starring role as the title character in Walker, Texas Ranger. He usually plays heroes who are good guys to the bone, and despite having harmful martial arts skills, would always rather find a better solution than fighting.

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Almost 2000 Matt Berry clips from several shows. Will Be updating when I get more!

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Ozzy is the lead vocalist of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath-popular solo artist,&former star of the popular reality show The Osbournes. Osbourne has sold over 27 million albums in the US.

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The soundboard provides some of the best soundclips from Howard Stern and his show! Over 2 Hours of sounds, clips, pranks, calls and much more!

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Who needs anger management? Obviously, Christian Bale does after going ape crazy while filiming his new film Terminator Salvation. While filming a scene Shane Hurlbut, the films director of photography, walked on and Bale lost his damn mind and had a crazy outburst. Someone was smart enough to leak this audio for our enjoyment. Adult Language.

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...and i'm comin'

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He's Fierce. He's unstoppable. His wife has boobs the size of milk jugs. RUN!

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Sethical soundboard including famous sounds such as "IN THE BACK" and "BONELESS".

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Jackie Chan is one of the world's biggest box-office draws, and is famous for his mind-boggling stunt work. His mixture of comedy and drama and his formula for using lots of action, have made him a fan favorite who appeals across many age groups.

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Oprah does it all, Talk show host of her own "The Oprah Winfrey Show," the highest rated talk show in tv history. She's also a patron of charities, influential book critic, an Academy Award - nominated actress, and a magazine publisher.

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Audio clips of my favorite dramatic actor Nicolas Cage. Some of his blockbuster films were City of Angels, Face Off and Con Air. He won Several Best Actor Awards for the movies Leaving Las Vegas, The Family Man and Adapotation.

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Gary Wayne Coleman, a child wonder on 70's. He played the role of Arnold Jackson of Different Strokes TV Series that made him so popular. On the Right Track and The Kid with the Broken Halo were some of his best featured films.

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Robert De Niro, who is thought of as one of the greatest actors of his time, was born in New York City in 1943 to two artist parents. Adult language

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James Brown (1933-2006) Dynamic singer, songwriter, bandleader and dancer, forever transformed 20th-century music over his restless 50 year career. R.I.P. Mr. Dynamite.

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Steven Seagal is a martial arts master who has gone on to have a successful movie career. He has starred in movies such as Above The Law and Under Siege. Now he's a singer! Some mature language.

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Check out the quotes from the Bill Cosby "character" on the Simpsons and Family Guy. Also has a hilarious Bill Cosby rap song, and his Pokemon rant.

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