Prank Calls (20911 Tracks)

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Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) is the self-absorbed uncle of Napoleon and Kip. He played football in high school back in 82, and is constantly living in the past.

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She screams and yells and everyone tells her to be quiet, that's Rosie ODonnell. She's known for being spontaneous and outspoken. Listen to her clips and prank calls here.

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Leslie Nielsen is a veteran of over 100 motion pictures and television appearances. He built a reputation portraying manly authority figures including the Space Ship Commander in the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet and The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad.

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Is being a "wigger" wrong? Is the PHRASE "wigger" offensive? Check out some quotes from this fast talking thug and a wigger drug dealer. Adult Language.

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This is just some shit I made from a racist Indian from dunkin donuts who thinks I'm a terrorist.

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Life at high school is daily misery for Napoleon, who is picked on cruelly and routinely. He has no friends, he's picked on by bullies, he has a somewhat-odd home life ... but through it all, he's sure things will be just plain okay in the end.

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Mighty me! Finbar the Mighty Shark has come to arr, arr, arr, make some prank calls with this fintastic soundboard! Finbar was portrayed by the late Sean Hughes, gone, but never forgotten!

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Audio clips of overzealous bear activist Timothy Treadwell from the movie Grizzly Man. These are mostly short funny clips taken out of context. For phone calling and humor. He was quite a character. (adult Language)

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Compilation of recorded actual prank calls of freaky people using the Actor Comedian Chris Farley's clips.

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Mic spamming heaven.

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He's a parody of inspector gadget, a queer killing cop that was popular on

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Voice Effects of Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

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full of funny stuff for prank calls. not done yet tho

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ress on a board

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this is a soundboard of a few of my prank calls i have and alot of other $#!T and we also add tracks to this soundboard weekly so keep comin back bitches. i also added a soundboard right after the dane cook prank call.the whole thing follows in sque

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These Shaggy prank phone calls will crack you up!!!

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Chris Crocker has learned the best tricks from high rank celebrities and knows how to attract attention to himself. With those warnings out of the way, Chris Crocker is hilarious! Adult Language.

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