Prank Calls (20914 Tracks)

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New Fred Rogers samples from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Many shows were auditioned to create this 2013 compilation. Enjoy!

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"Ray Comfort" words and phrases for prank calls and telemarketers.

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Here is the list of various unusual messages for your answering machines. These hilarious messages will add fun whenever someone calls you and leaves a message.

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This is the soundboard for on my opinion, the funniest video in the world. This one guy made it once but I wasn't satisfied. I think this one should be better.

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Miss Cleo is picking up a physic vibration, perhaps predicting that this is the biggest and best collection of her prank calls here.

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Brooke Allison Brodack aka Brookers is a viral video comedian mainly known for her short videos on YouTube. The New Yorker called her the first real YouTube star.Here are some great prank calls idea from Brookers Pizza.

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For over 20 years now, PLA has entertained weirdos like you with music, text files, articles, books, prank phone calls, albums, podcasts, live shows, videos, and just nonstop hilarity in general.

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Chris Hansen showing you how to talk to the ladies.

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Prank board of Miss Cleo, a fortune-telling triple-threat, a psychic, astrologer, and tarot reader. These three methods somehow let her see into the future with some help from the spirits whom she occasionally refers to.

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Camerons shit

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Check out some of the practical jokes done over the telephone by a DJ on air.

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The insane world of Jones portrayed through sound...

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breaking bad

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Ladies man Johnny Drama does the pranking in these one liners perfect for fooling your friends. Adult language.

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Rich is the annoying backpacker of Pepsi Max Prank Calls. Put the phone next to your speaker and use this clips to make prank calls. It works!

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Some mysterious girl who got on the live vent server of World of Warcraft in 2007 and freaked guys out.

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The infamous "You pooed on my porch!" prank audio recordings. Plus short sound bytes of the caller's questions.

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Chris Crocker aka Leave Britney Alone is a self proclamed biggest fan of Britney Spears. He's gonna be famous, cause he's doing what media likes. But if you're homophobic, this isn't for you. Adult Language!

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