Prank Calls (20914 Tracks)

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Don't you hate it when a telemarketer calls you during dinner time or bothers you with stupid questions? Well, in these recordings the tables are turned.

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Some of the best celebrity prank calls ever recorded as the Governator berates waitresses, receptionists and other innocent civilians.

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It's a YTP Soundboard, duh! I'm aiming for the best YTP to date. Please be patient with me and I'll try and make that happen. This soundboard not only just uses the source material, but also sounds from YouTube Poops made! These are marked with (YTP). I take no credit for making those of coerce.

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Simple Buk Lau Soundboard made by me. Took clips from Ownagepranks' Asian Prank Calls

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I extracted sounds directly from her episodes to make the most comprehensive soundborad for Judge Judy ever. Check regularly for updates as I add more sounds all the time. I put days of effort into this, so please help publicise this soundboard and don't forget to tell your friends about it. Thanks for your support. Be creative and enjoy!!!

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The minister of mental heath calls the Church of Scientology and more. Some adult language.

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Its not easy being a 911 operator becuase youre talking everyday to various type of people in sometimes bizzare and confusing situations. Some here were just fooling around and some were just being silly asking stupid questions.

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Rick Roll, Rick Roll'd or Rick Rolling is an internet prank or joke in which people post a link to a Rick Astley video on Youtube, but say the viewers of the video are being led to another video.

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Use this for Judge Judy prank calls. (Constantly updated)

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How big 'a boy are ya? Hear the prank calls made by two Tulsa, Oklahoma radio hosts as Roy D. Mercer. If you don't listen, that just boils down to an ass whoopin'!!

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Bruce from family guy

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Short one liners of only Borat speaking. Perfect for fun pranks with your friends. Some adult language.

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Prank call folks as the Clown Prince of Crime!

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Fast food drive thru's and your office co-workers are no longer safe. Adult Language.

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A collection of hilarious prank phone calls using celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Al Pacino and more.

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Playlist full of funny sounds for prank calls.

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Want to have a nice day pranking your neighbors? Check this out... A prank phone call where a guy yells at another dude for stealing his newspaper. Haha, another one of the funniest prank calls!

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Spice up your phones with these funny answering machine messages I've put in for you guys.

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