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Touch-Tone Terrorists is arguably the BEST prank call group out today! Here's some of the clips of one of the characters- JIMBOB, a stuttering hillbilly in a wheelchair with poor customer service skills and a low IQ.

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Listen to these hilarious prank calls that I'm sure you're laugh while listening. Also we have the Duke Nukem prank on some WOR vent server admin here called Balls Of Steel. Some clever parodies like the mental health hotline are included too. Adult

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Gob is the failed Magician from the tv show Arrested Development. Will Arnett played Gob and delivered so many quick comic lines that we had to collect them here. Get Gob on the phone with these clean soundboard one liners and crack someone up.

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This guy is a victim of a Gary Busey prank call, and many of the quotes on the soundboard mention Busey's name. Listen here.

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It's election time in the US - this maybe the last time to have Barack Obama himself call your friend and ask for a vote ! Short clips great for fun! Don't forget to vote yourself.

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Big Brother Andrew from Big Brother Bailbonds Still a work in progress, if some sounds play different sounds then what they portray, or if a sound has two of itself, I will get right on that. Happy Pranking! :D

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The Best Arnie Quotes For Pranks.

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Pedro Sanchez (Efren Ramirez) is one of Napoleon Dynamite's best friend. Pedro can be described as having no personality or emotions whatsoever, he wears a blank stare and speaks in monotone.

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My soundboard includes.... Duke Nukem, arnold schwarzenegger, wow nerd, wtf boom, Over 9000!, Most annoying sound in the world, Zelda, leroy jenkins and Random stuff.

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Norm McDonald is one of the funniest comedians out there, yet he can't get any respect and recognition. He can be obnoxious at times, hilarious the next moment. Listen here..

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Jones is known for replacing the ordinary vulgarities and titillations with preposterous conspiracy theories. Alex Jones is a man with a mission. Here are some of his clips that can be used to jerk our friends..

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Jack Tors calls up a muffin shop asking for the Fat Muffin Man, and somehow he finds himself ordering muffins instead. A hilarious prank call made into a soundboard so you can use it in your prank calls. Adult Language.

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Here are some actual phone calls of jerk people using qoutes of Mr. Monty Burns of The Simpson TV Series, the richest man in Springfield.

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This board is designed to prank games, however you may use it for prank calls and other things you find a use for it. I could not find the category of "douchebag" No profit to be made off this, for personal use ONLY, all sounds TM to Relic entertainment and THQ

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With strength and vigor, power and responsibility, one of the world's real life heroes has returned... ALL HAIL, MR. T!!!

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Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Dr. Gregory House, you can call me Greg. I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem... but who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants me... MORE!!!

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Get ready to crank it up for a brick rattlin' good time with comedian Chinaman with his hilarious prank calls. Check this out!

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