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His career spans more than four decades and is almost unparalleled in quality and scale. Here is an audio retrospective of some of his work -from The Shining to Anger Management.

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The perfect companion for Monday Night football is here! Paydirt sports Radio threatens to make you laugh and learn.

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The 70's saw Jimmy Carter as president, Disco magic, and lava lamps set a glow. Also, Apollo 13 returned safely to Earth and the sixties counterculture influence found itself reduced by FBI efforts.

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Clips from the 1966 tv show adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible. Also some from his chatty new talk show where he interviews Earth's celebrities.

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Listen to Scotty try to save the ship!

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Deforest Kelly played Dr. McCoy aka "Bones" on Star Trek. He was a "country doctor" on the ship, and a bit of a stress case out in space. Plenty of sarcastic quips with Spock and famous one liners here.

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Sometimes irreverent, always dramatic, William Shatner played the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the classic Star Trek TV show. Bill got his start in improv comedy.

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Me and friends having a laugh with the great sounds we make

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Let me tell you somethin' about The Dude: he likes his beverages, his jays and his rugs. He's got some crazy friends and a penchant for being underestimated.

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Welcome to the 'duuuude' board whereby we play you audio clips showing you the many uses and meanings of the word 'dude'. Track title is the meaning behind the 'dude'.

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This soundboard is for one of my heroes - the greatest and most influential athlete of the 20th century - Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay).

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Funny quotes and sound bites from the career of SNL comedian Chris Farley 1964-1997. Rest in peace, you are missed.

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Christmas stories perfect for kids and the whole family here. Scandinavian screwball Axel Torgeson from the Twin Cities children's TV show "Axel and His Dog" is here. More clips from Carmen, Clancy and Willie circa 1954-1966 also!

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Ronald W. Reagan (1911 -2004) a former movie actor, was the 40th President of the United States. He endured scandals such as the CIA Iran Contra arms for hostages deals & the '89 stock market crash (worst since 1929).Credited for ending the cold war.

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The Eighties we're known as the "me" decade. The IBM PC was introduced in '81, and New Wave music had arrived. The cold war was at it's apex and by 1988 the US and the U.S.S.R. signed a treaty to reduce nuclear missles.

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As of Aug. 2010 we are proud to have 4,981,968 members. We just started recording singles audio interviews. If you are over 18, come join the site and meet someone exciting in your area tonight!

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Classic star trek sounds from the original TV show 1966-1969.

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Part Human Part Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy played Mr. Spock on the wildly popular TV show Star Trek. Here are a collection of fascinating and flawlessly logical audio clips.

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Music analyst Kevin Seal (of Griddle) and San Francisco band 20 Minute Loop to lead you through the basics of vocal harmony.

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Who can deny the musical genius of Jack Black?

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Funny quotes by Jack Black, many from movies, some from appearances on Saturday Night Live. Some Mature language.

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It's Team America - f*ck yeah! It's got everything: action, witty dialogue, diabolical enemy and hot puppet sex. Mature language - f*ck yeah!

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So funny he deserves his own soundboard. Steve Stifler, the Stifmeister, makes all the American Pie movies consistently funny. Enjoy f*ckers!

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Burps belches and earthshaking guturral explosions.