Prank Calls (20914 Tracks)

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More of Arnold Schwarzenegger making prank phone calls. Because you love it.

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stuff to prank your friends with

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Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder is the typical sad-sack, luckless loser that has permeated high schools for seemingly centuries. He is about as odd a duck as you'd find in high school, and yet he still manages to survive with his dignity intact.

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Reverend X is Light made flesh; see's himself as the incarnation of the god. Don Vincent, as he was originally born, soon realized that he was not the mouth of God, but in fact, God himself. Listen to the hilarious crazy preacher from the hood and use them in prank calling your friends! Adult Language.

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Foul mouthed gangster movie actor Joe Pesci makes prank calls and wakes up the neighbors. Adult Langauge.

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Most people use answering machines or voicemail for a greeting. I have a lists here of some funny answering machine messages that will give you a creative idea on communicating to your callers when your busy or not around.

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kip from napoleon dynamite. the best movie in the world.

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Get ready for interrogations, cross examinations and your final judgement from on high because Judge Judy is always right!

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submissive maid begs you to take her back

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It is the infamous Alex Jones from the Alex Jones show. With many yells and screams.

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Chris Constantine aka Gorilla199 on YouTube is a crazy christian fundamentalist who believes in all kinds of conspiracy theorys. He also wishes people cancer in pm's

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More celebrity prank phone calls featuring: Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sgt. Hartman from the movie Full Metal Jacket.

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HEY HEY HEY This is my very first soundbord ever so yeah i hope you like it.If you have any requests for a soundboard or any comments on this or any other soundboard i made drop me a line at [email protected] until then PEACE!

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my voice taken in tiny tidbits

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